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Geier J, Bernáth L, Hudák M, Séra L, 2008, "Straightness as the main factor of the Hermann grid illusion" Perception 37(5) 651 – 665  http://www.perceptionweb.com/abstract.cgi?id=p5622

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1   First publication of the Sinusoid and other curved grids

             Nyolcadik Magyar Látás Szimpózium, Szeged  (2001, szeptember 8)

            (English translation of the first publication)

            A 2001-ben bemutatott képek / Images in the symposium in 2001

  International breakthrough :

            ECVP2004, Budapest, abstract  (abstract submission deadline: 9th March, 2004)

            ECVP2004, Budapest, conference

   Anti-illusion in the illusion contest: Best Visual Illusions of the year  (ECVP2005, La Coruna)


Stopping the Hermann grid illusion by sine distortion

The usually accepted Baumgartner model cannot explain this phenomenon

The essence of Baumgartner's hypothesis is that the relative increase of lateral
nhibition in receptive fields is sufficient condition of the perception of illusory
- it does not refer to any further conditions.

Evidently, considering the left and right sides, the stimulations of the signed
receptive fields are pairwise equivalent.

Therefore, if Baumgartner's hypothesis were adequate, illusory spots would
appear in the sinusoid grid too - but this is not the case

Consequence...?   See: Wikipedia.org 


Stopping the scintillation

Curving the streets makes both Hermann spots and scintillation vanish. This fact suggests a common neuronal mechanism behind the Hermann grid illusion and the Scintillating grid illusion, whose investigation is a task of the future.



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